YoungCapital | YCITY

YCITY is a secret city, the Capital Of Ycitizens. A visual concept and experience
reflecting pride, hard work and ambition.

We created “YCITY: The Capital of Ycitizens” an immersive event that celebrates 18 years
of YoungCapital’s journey, from the dreams of three visionaries to a thriving metropolis of
ambition. This event guides attendees through a cinematic experience, showcasing the
city’s rise against challenges, powered by the dedication and energy of its citizens.

Through surreal stunning visuals, dynamic motion graphics, light installations, and a vibrant
venue, we pay tribute to the YCITIZENS who built YCITY, inviting them to revel in their
accomplishments and rally for the future. A 360 concept of recognition, unity, and pride,
embodying the spirit of YoungCapital: bold, innovative, and limitless.

Creative lead and responisble for:
-Concept of the event
-Identity + graphic design
-Art direction + design of motion graphics + sound design
-Art direction look and feel of the venue