YoungCapital | Proud to be 20

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 
Creation of a captivating visual show for YoungCapital, 20 years since inception of YoungCapital.
In collaboration with YoungCapital and TWOFIFTYK I developed the visual concept and storyline for
theiriconic anniversary.
The show had a duration of 2.5 hours, due to confidentiality reasons here is
a selection of highlights.


In this concept, we ventured back in time, embarking on an artistic journey through the past
20 years with Ycitizens. Along this voyage, we transformed, morphed, and dipped everything
we encountered into the distinctive YoungCapital sauce.

Our exploration led us to curate a selection of the finest, most iconic, and memorable images, scenes,
and moments from YOUNGCAPITAL’s storied history. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of
sources over the last two decades—including feature films, music video clips, posters, commercials,
news items, and products—we created an array of captivating collages (worlds). In each,
YOUNGCAPITAL stood at the center, illustrating our evolution and the impactful journey we’ve shared,
all presented in a visually stunning narrative.

-19 Motion graphics
-At Theater Amsterdam
-60 Metre screen
-Duration 2.5 hours

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 | Video snippets

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 | Photo impressions

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 | Motion graphic impressions