YoungCapital | Level Up!

For the “Level Up!” project, I led the concept development and art direction, collaborating closely with a dedicated team. We focused on motion graphics that fused minimalism with futurism, aligning seamlessly with YoungCapital’s progressive brand identity. A highlight of our work was the stunning visual show displayed on a 60-meter screen, presenting both a challenge and an exciting opportunity to create an impact that was striking yet not overwhelming.

Our mission was to find the perfect balance between artistic flair and corporate sophistication, capturing the vibrant, youthful spirit at the heart of YoungCapital. This goal also informed the art direction for sound design, aiming to synchronize the audio with the visual elements to create a cohesive and engaging show experience. Ultimately, our objective was to leave a lasting impression on the attendees, establishing a memorable connection with the brand through a blend of cutting-edge creativity and approachability.

See here some previews of the show.