Doki! Doki! Karaoke

A Fun and Unique Pop Up Karaoke Experience

For Doki!Doki!, I helped with the creation of the identity, visuals and artworks. We embraced the vibrant pulse of Amsterdam and the joy of Asian karaoke, bringing them to life both online and in real spaces. Our creations shine with neon glow and animate with lively motion graphics, transforming every digital engagement into a moment of happiness and vibrant color. It’s all designed to ignite smiles and inspire shares with standout visuals.

We turned the pop-up venues into a wonderland of light and music, making everyone feel like they’re part of the magic. It’s as if the thrill from our online world has leapt into reality, creating a place rich with stories and connections.

Doki!Doki! is where art and celebration come together. It goes beyond just watching or listening; it’s about immersing in the rhythm and being swept up by the moment.

Here’s a showcase of graphic design, illustrations, collage artwork, and motion graphics for Instagram and the vibrant atmosphere at the pop-up venues: