360° Design + Art Direction

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360° Design + Art direction projects:

1. YoungCapital – YCITY

2. YoungCapital – Proud To Be 20

3. Move Experience Center – Move The City



YCITY is a secret city, the Capital Of Ycitizens. A visual concept and experience reflecting pride, hard work and ambition.

Creative lead and responisble for:
-Concept of the event
-Identity + graphic design
-Art direction + design of motion graphics + sound design
-Art direction look and feel of the venue

2.Proud to be 20 
Creation of a captivating visual show for YoungCapital, 20 years since inception of YoungCapital.
In collaboration with YoungCapital and TWOFIFTYK I developed the visual concept and storyline for their iconic anniversary.
The show had a duration of 2.5 hours, due to confidentiality reasons here is a selection of highlights.

-19 Motion graphics
-At Theater Amsterdam
-60 Metre screen
-Duration 2.5 hours

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 | Video snippets

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 | Photo impressions

YoungCapital | Proud to be 20 | Motion graphic impressions

Art direction and design for ‘Move The City’ an interactive exhibition about the future of mobility at Move Experience Center in Amsterdam.

Creative responsible for:
-Identity development of ‘Move The City’
-Collage development and execution
-Design signs and panels
-Social design
-Digital and offline advertising

Move The City | LED panel

Move The City | LED panel

Move The City | A selection of signs, panels and social designs

    Edited highlights of 360° Design + Art direction projects for YoungCapital and Move Experience Center.